IT Services for Small Businesses,
Startups, and More  

“One small business supporting another.”

Experienced, Versatile, and Top-Quality 

IT Expertise For Your Business 

What if you could enjoy the benefits of a managed service provider without the large costs?

We help SMBs and startups take back control of their IT – all at affordable price points that serve to empower your company, not bog it down with overpriced service fees.

Let us start by diagnosing your current situation and working out what issues are causing your real problems, both now and in the future. Leave the headaches to us – you concentrate on growing your business! 

Web Design & Hosting

The fundamental building block of any website—be it an eCommerce venture or a blog—our web hosting plans provide all the power and functionality needed to succeed online. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the space, our web builder platform makes the design and deployment of even complex websites an intuitive and easy task to perform.

Our static website hosting services continually deliver high speeds, ensuring that your web pages are always deployed instantly and that your visitors engage in a flawless online experience. With plans to suit every budget, Higgins IT Consulting provides a flexible and secure way to launch any online enterprise. 

Creative Copywriting Solutions

AI-generated copy may be quick and cheap to produce, however, it tends to lack creativity and the emotional connection needed for effective human engagement. While the inverse may be true for human-generated copy, at Higgins IT Consulting, we combine the best of both worlds to offer a copywriting service that delivers compelling copy rapidly and affordably.

With our team using AI tools such as ChatGPT to quickly perform research and create initial text frameworks, our writers then create copy built that connects with the reader in an effective way. Higgins IT Consulting—high-quality copy at a fraction of the cost. 

Email Hosting

We provide businesses with easy-to-maintain email accounts that offer the performance and reliability companies need, quickly and affordably. From reducing the time spent managing email accounts to delivering a more consistent brand image, Higgins IT Consulting helps businesses enhance their workflow, customer service, and brand profile.

Our hosting plans are as simple to implement as they are cost-effective, scaling efficiently as your business grows. With multiple email addresses improving the effectiveness of both internal and external communications and our advanced security protocols keeping your inboxes free from any malicious third-party intent, our email hosting grants businesses the functionality and peace of mind they need to grow. 

Graphic Design Services

Our experienced graphic design team will help you create all the visuals you need to turn your business into a recognized brand. From memorable company logos and marketing campaigns to engaging website and packaging design, we create a unified visual identity that builds lasting customer recognition.

As a company that specializes in helping start-ups and SMEs make an impact in the market, we provide expert insight into brand building as well as an extensive range of high-quality graphic design resources. 

High-Performance Networking Solutions

Enhance the speed, security, and functionality of your network with high-performance networking hardware. Our leading Wi-Fi access points, switches, routers, and firewalls transform business networks into efficient, unified systems that optimize data and resource sharing. With Higgins IT Consulting, a recognized Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner, we design and implement networking solutions that deliver optimal performance with maximum reliability.

Our solutions create high availability, error-free networks that require no manual configuration, optimizing the performance of every device in your network securely and simply. Whether you wish to expand your user or IoT capacity, Higgins IT Consulting offers a cost-effective answer. 

Cyber-Security Solutions

Free yourself from the worry of ransomware and data breaches with our state-of-the-art security solutions. Higgins IT Consulting designs and deploys security systems that are tailored to the exact needs of your business or home environment. Not only do we provide outstanding solutions that protect your data and IT infrastructure, but with our expert support team available 24/7, no matter what issues you may be facing, we can help you get back on track quickly.

With our security solutions protecting you from any number of online issues, including third-party ad trackers, harmful web pages, and illicit use of your IT resources, we provide businesses with the security they need to operate worry-free in the online space. 

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