About Higgins IT Consulting
Our Mission  

Our mission is singular: to provide affordable IT services to startups and SMBs that need a reliable, results-driven IT partner. Our company values are centered around empowering businesses to better operations and enhanced growth through delivering dedicated IT services.

At Higgins IT Consulting, we’ll take care of the technology so you can focus on what really matters: operating and growing your business. From email hosting for startups, networking installation, and web design to providing the best web hosting services for startup companies and SMBs, our singular focus is helping businesses succeed with next-level IT services.

About the Founder: Teddy Higgins

Since he was 3 years old, Teddy has been fascinated with the inner workings of technology. And as a 15+ year IT professional, Teddy has been involved in everything from network management to software development. The go-to resource when companies need someone who can implement a new solution or fix a challenging tech-related problem? Teddy.

Highly competent in a wide variety of tech, including networking, security, databases, programming, web design, and hosting, the value Teddy provides businesses stems from his vast background of experience in IT. When Teddy comes across a problem, he doesn’t need to consult anyone for a solution – he has either seen it, done it, or resolved it.  

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