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Finding The Right Words

While AI may be smart, it lacks ideas and style

With these platforms able to quickly generate vast amounts of content based on only a few
inputs, such as keywords, questions, or topics, it seems that the rise of the robots is finally
beginning—and in marketing copy, of all places (the Terminator movies certainly got that

However, as technically brilliant as these platforms—and much of the content they
produce—may be, how effective are they when it comes to your bottom line? If your goal is
to create content that engages and empathizes with people, can you really really rely on a
machine to achieve that for you?

Let’s take a look.

The Advantages of AI-Generated Content

Sheer Scale of Output
Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, AIs are able to generate vast amounts of content very quickly. In the time it takes a human copywriter to simply begin researching an article, an AI will already have it written, published, and be trying to sell the movie rights. What’s more, with AIs able to cater to any particular language you want, they allow you to target specific geographical markets relatively easily.

Whether the AI platform you use is free or charges a monthly subscription fee, it’s most likely going to be cheaper than its human equivalent. For exactly the same reason that manufacturers have been using machines since the industrial revolution, companies are leveraging artificial intelligence to create their marketing copy and improve their profitability.

Comprehensive Knowledge
With AIs trained on, and able to process, vast amounts of data, a platform like Chat GPT can create fluent copy in any given subject. Not only do they remove the need to do research, but their algorithms produce copy that is free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Enhanced SEO (search engine optimization)
AI platforms create their copy by analyzing countless documents online that match the subject or task they’ve been given. In the process, they’re able to identify the most popular keywords and incorporate them into their output to achieve higher search ranking positions.

The Disadvantages of AI-Generated Content

Poor Quality Content
As smart as AI-driven platforms may be, they have a habit of producing remarkably stupid content along with it. Central to their mechanism is the ability to string words together to form articulate sentences. While they may be able to do this on any given subject, the inherent meaning of the sentences they produce is still a mystery to them.

With AIs essentially combining data from numerous online documents to produce content, the output they create not only lacks originality and insight but is often quite simply wrong.

Zero Creativity
A common criticism of AI-generated content is its bland nature. With AIs regurgitating ideas taken from similarly themed documents online, the copy they produce is devoid of any character or uniqueness. While that might be fine for short-form pieces, if the content you wish to produce is of any length, the rather mechanical nature of AI-generated copy can become painfully evident to the reader.

Constant Monitoring Required
With the potential for fundamental errors in AI-generated copy, the human element can’t be removed from the copywriting equation. If you ask Chat GPT to deliver an article about the technicalities of futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, you’re going to need to understand these very same technicalities in order to ensure the article is correct and meaningful.

The Higgins IT Solution

With AI-driven platforms pumping a deluge of content into the online space, if you want your copy to be noticed, it’s more important than ever that you retain the human element.

At Higgins IT, we leverage AI as a tool within the copywriting process. By incorporating platforms like ChatGPT as a resource to do research, translate, and create frameworks, we increase the speed and affordability with which content can be created. However, what keeps our copywriting output ahead of the game, are the humans on our team who create meaningful connections with the reader.

To find out more about our copywriting services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.