Graphic Design Solutions That Make An Impact

From company logos to website design, the graphic design team at Higgins IT Consulting specializes in creating powerful visuals that get your brand noticed.

You only get the opportunity to make a first impression once so make it a memorable one.

Creating The Right Look – Promoting The Right Message

When you think about any well-known company or brand, the first thing that probably springs to mind is its logo. As a visual representation to the public, a logo is a company’s calling card and visual signature.

By unifying this visual signature across every channel that a company uses, we help brands solidify their market profile and get them remembered. In the increasingly crowded  marketplace, the graphic design team at Higgins IT Consulting will help your company stand out.

Logo Design Services & Brand

The visual language that your brand uses is the most powerful and immediate way for your company to communicate its personality. Our design team will work with you to create not only a powerful logo, but a working palette of colors, shapes, and images that encapsulate your company’s message.

From digital channels to stationery and business card design, we’ll develop a characteristic style guide that can be applied across all media. With consistency central to successful brand promotion, our design team creates impactful visuals that serve as a launchpad for lasting and widespread recognition.

Marketing & Advertising Design

With visual content being the most engaging element of any marketing or advertising campaign, we create assets based on your brand identity that communicate your message quickly and effectively.

Whether you require digital or print assets, our design team will create a powerful range of designs that work in any channel you desire. From social media to magazine ads and beyond, our team has the expertise and experience needed to make sure your marketing and advertising assets create the impact you want.

Publication Design

From brochures and catalogs to newsletters and books, we design engaging publications that promote your brand content in the most appealing and effective way possible.

Whether you require publications in the print or digital arena, our team will work with you to deliver publication assets that deliver your message attractively, impactfully, and perhaps most importantly, efficiently.

Website Design

How your brand represents itself online is, needless to say, central to its success. By designing compelling and intuitive visuals for your website, we help create a user experience that delivers real results.

Tailoring every on-screen element to your brand identity, we design websites that seamlessly combine technical functionality with your brand aesthetics. With our team well-versed in both website and app design, we help you create an online profile that gets your brand noticed.

Packaging Design

With graphic design centering around the efficient and appealing communication of a brand message, product packaging serves as a valuable marketing asset. Aside from any technical data that needs to be communicated to a customer, product packing is an ideal way to connect with a customer directly.

Our design team has an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process that allows us to create packaging designs that are as appealing to a customer as the products they contain.

Animation Design

Animated designs are ideal tools to capture your audience’s attention. Drawing a customer toward your brand message in a fast and effective way, animated designs create instant engagement in a way that static images are unable to.

Our team offers a wide range of animated design services, including animated logos that give your company a compelling and professional image, and animated website banners that grab the attention of your visitors. With animated graphics able to enhance all manner of digital assets, our team can tailor designs to fit any requirement you may have. 

Transforming Your Visual Identity Into A True Asset

The graphic design team at Higgins IT has extensive experience transforming start-ups and SMEs into high-profile brands. Offering an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to launch themselves into the market, our team offers a comprehensive range of graphic design resources that deliver the result you’re looking for.

To find out how we can help launch or develop your brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.