State-of-the-Art Cybersecurity Solutions

Keeping you and your business safe in the online space

From protecting businesses against ransomware attacks to securing personal and home devices against malware, Higgins IT Consulting creates high-performance, custom-made security solutions that keep you, your data, and your IT infrastructure safe.

Tailor-Made Solutions

At Higgins IT, we conduct thorough vulnerability assessments before designing and deploying security solutions that meet the exact needs of your business.

Ransomware Recovery

We provide extensive cloud backup recovery services that ensure your data is safe in the event of a cyber-attack or system failure.

Cost-Effective Protection

With cost constraints a common concern for small to medium-sized businesses, we offer powerful security solutions that fit every budget.

Starting at $6.00 a month for the best-in-class software to protect against a wide range of malicious software, including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, and ransomware

Outstanding On-Demand Support

With the Higgins IT team available whenever you need us, we’ll solve any security issues you have without costing your business unnecessary downtime.

The Cybercrime Landscape

It’s a sobering statistic that in 2022, the average cost of a data breach to a business was $4.35 million (Source: Statista). With cybercrime evolving at a phenomenal rate in every attack vector, viruses and malware are now ever-present threats in everything from text messages to emails and pop-ups. 

Once upon a time, businesses and individuals could simply keep their antivirus software updated and carry on, worry-free. Those days are, unfortunately, behind us. With the dark web listing extensive software vulnerabilities to cybercriminals worldwide, businesses can no longer rely on a single security platform.

Strategic Partners

Partnering with Backblaze, Malwarebytes, and HPE brings significant benefits to our clients.

By joining forces with Backblaze, we can offer reliable and scalable cloud backup solutions, ensuring that our clients' critical data is protected and easily recoverable.

The partnership with Malwarebytes enhances our cybersecurity offerings, enabling us to provide advanced threat detection and prevention measures to safeguard our clients' digital assets.

Additionally, our collaboration with HPE empowers us to deliver cutting-edge IT infrastructure solutions, optimizing performance, scalability, and operational efficiency for our clients.

Together, these partnerships enable us to provide comprehensive and integrated technology solutions that address our clients' data protection, cybersecurity, and infrastructure needs, ultimately driving their digital transformation and success in today's dynamic business landscape.

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The Higgins IT Solution

By conducting a thorough analysis of your business or home IT infrastructure, we produce a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment that is specific to your circumstances. This assessment serves as the foundation of our tailor-made security solutions.

With Higgins IT designing and deploying cutting-edge security systems built around you, we offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're ahead of the cybersecurity curve.

Beyond safeguarding your personal and business data, our security solutions also help to fend off any number of common online issues, including….

● The blocking of third-party ad trackers that monitor your online behavior.

● Comprehensive protection against online and tech support scams.

● The removal of online ads that follow you wherever you go on the internet.

● The blocking of malign webpages and extensive protection against your system
being covertly used by illicit crypto miners.

To find out more about our cybersecurity services and how we can help your business to
thrive safely, contact us for a free assessment.

PC and Server Backups

Backups are something we take seriously, and you should to. Think about the valuable data you have on your computer. The pictures of your family, copies of receipts, all the invoices you've sent out, or maybe it's the accounting software like QuickBooks on your server. Data loss can happen at any time; a power loss that causes a surge, hard drive failure, virus, or accidental deletion of an important file. 

Let us put your mind at ease by backing up your files.

Backup Features

All user data backed up by default

No picking and choosing what needs to be backed up.

Any File Size

From the smallest word documents to the largest videos. Our backup software can handle ANY file size

2 Factor Authentication

Your data is safe with us, and safe against impersonation attacks. Even if your email is compromised, your data won't be.

Backup Speed

Multi-threaded backups. What does this mean? It goes burrr and your files will fly to the cloud!

Private Encryption Key

Your data is private. We can't even access the files you back up, and that's the way it should be.

Easy and Automated

Download the software and once you login, your files will backup automatically.

Backup Notifications

Paranoid? Us too.
Get notifications when your backups succeed or fail.

Windows and Mac

The application's code is native and doesn't require Java to run.

1 Device


PC, Mac, iOS, Android

5+ Devices


PC, Mac, iOS, Android

10+ Devices


PC, Mac, iOS, Android

20+ Devices


PC, Mac, iOS, Android

Antivirus for iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows, and Mac

The internet is a scary place. Make sure your computer, files, and identity is protected.

Antivirus Features

Halt Hackers

Protect yourself from hackers, malicious sites, infected ads, credit card skimmers and credential stealers with our web and malware protection.

Intelligent defense

Our proprietary Ransomware attack technology can protect your PC, files, and photos while shielding you from vulnerable and unpatched software.

Expert guidance

Security Advisor is an all-in-one cyberprotection dashboard highlighting your security status in real time, so you’re better informed and empowered to act.

Brains over brute force

Brute Force protection blocks hackers attempting to guess your login info. And Uninstall protection blocks malware from disabling your security product.

Ultimate control

Our intuitive user interface gives you control to customize your protection and meet your needs without needing a masters in computer science.

Nearly invisible

Our scans use 50% less CPU resources than before. With Play Mode enabled you can turn off notifications and updates as you game or watch movies.

1 Device


Per Device
Android or Chromebook